Large corporations spend millions of dollars developing a well-honed image, which often leaves small business owners with the perception that branding is out of their league.

However, creating a brand for a business has more to do with creativity than anything else, so you can come up with a campaign that brings in thousands of leads and conversions without engaging in a costly affair.

Let’s jump in on the frugal ways to brand your small business…

1. Create a customer persona

Take a tip from the Korean smartphone giant Samsung: the company exactly knows who its customers are and it keeps on fine-turning marketing strategies to fit in the needs of different customers. For example, Samsung has different branding messages for Galaxy S series (target consumers with a high income bracket) and Galaxy Y (target consumers with a low income bracket).

You can follow a similar strategy by finding out your most loyal customers among the existing client base. Then you can find out their demographics: age, interests, martial etc. to create a customer persona, which will help in shaping the branding message towards their lifestyle.

2. Utilize word of mouth

Word of mouth branding is perhaps the most inexpensive tool available at your disposal. Previously businesses had to rely on television, radio and newspaper advertisements to create a buzz among the consumers, but thankfully in this digital age, you can do it all right from the office desk through social media.

For example, if the appearance of your products is at the top of customer preferences, you can use Instagram to post pictures, promotions, awards and other branding messages that appeal to followers. The ice cream company Coconut Bliss uses the same branding approach, and it’s among the very few small businesses that use word of mouth branding to its advantage.

3. Customize shipping boxes

Surprise surprise…If you were thinking of printing your own adhesive labels to save money, reconsider. While it can be suitable for low shipping orders, the cost of labels and printer ink is going to increase once the sales pick up. And it’s not going to be worth spending time and money on printing when corrugated box manufacturers can help you get it done with only a fraction of the cost in only a few days. The latter will also make shipping boxes with exact product specifications and some even offer recycle options, allowing your business to reduce its carbon footprint (another branding tactic in itself).

Customers receiving Amazon boxes with a smile on the box take pride in knowing they have made a quality purchase, even without opening the seal. This is because Amazon uses custom boxes to get their branding message across to customers, some of whom consider it a personal gesture to be close to the brand.

4. Be consistent across touch points

Successful small business branding requires the application of the same customer experience across different touch points and interactions. Everything from your employee uniform to your business website is a touch point, and even a single negative interaction can destroy your entire branding efforts.

Boloco, a Boston-based burrito seller, focuses on the consistency of its brand in both offline and online marketing. The company has a playful slogan ‘inspired burritos’ and its website, flyers and menu have the same playful touch.