Four Questions To Help You Determine If You Need To Hire A Lawyer After An Accident

Injuries sustained in a car accident can be a costly burden that may sometimes feel unfair. Dealing with insurance companies and the other driver might prove to be a difficult task. The idea of hiring a personal injury attorney may be the best solution when it appears that you might not get the settlement you need or deserve in order to pay for hospital and doctor’s fees.

Four Questions to ask before you Hire an Attorney after an Accident

Do you have long-term injuries?

Back, neck and head injuries are just a few of the many long-term medical problems that can occur in a car accident. These types of injuries can cost thousands of dollars over time and some of them can result in a lifetime of medical problems. Seeking a settlement amount that will cover those costs, both now and in the future, could prove to be a difficult task without the help of an attorney who specializes in the area of accidents. If you have long-term problems that are a direct result of a car accident, it may be to your benefit to hire a lawyer.

Was the other driver uninsured or underinsured?

One of the worst things to find out when there is an accident is that the other driver did not have insurance or did not have enough insurance when you were involved in an accident with them. Although some states do not require drivers to have insurance, most do. States that do require insurance automatically fault the person without insurance for the accident. This is one of the most important times to consider hiring an accident attorney in order to recuperate the money that you had to pay out as a result of the accident.

Is the insurance company trying to push you into a quick settlement?

The insurance company is supposed to be there to help you financially if an accident occurs. They will offer to pay you for damages to your car and any medical costs that have already been charged; however, they will sometimes attempt to push you into a quick settlement so as to avoid any future costs that might accumulate as a direct result of the car accident. Once you accept the payment from the insurance company, they may not be held responsible for any future costs that arise from the accident. If you feel that the insurance company is pushing you to settle for less than you believe you should settle for, it might be time to consult with an accident attorney.

Is there a dispute over who caused the accident?

Although it may seem like there is a person who is clearly at fault in an accident does not mean that everyone will be honest about it. If there are no witnesses to the accident, there could be a dispute over who actually caused it. There are several implications of being named as the person who is at fault in the accident, including possible hikes in insurance premiums. It could also leave you without the proper compensation to take care of the medical costs that accrue as a result of injuries sustained in the accident. If the other driver says that you were at fault and you know that it was their fault, it may be time to consult with an accident attorney.

A personal injury attorney is not always necessary when there is an auto accident. The answers to the above questions will help you determine if seeking professional advice is the best solution to the problem. The best way to decide if you should hire an attorney is to establish whether or not the injuries sustained in the accident will or could cost you more than you will receive if you do not consult an attorney.