I started traveling at the start of 2007, partly I just wanted to travel and partly looking for a place to settle down more permanently. I finally decided that I was going to try and settle in Indonesia and have begun learning the language.

I spent a couple of months in the Indonesia’s third largest city Medan and it does have some advantages as a place to live being cheap and not touristy, but I started feeling a little frustrated after a while as it doesn’t even have a decent English bookstore. I do use Amazon, but I love just browsing through book stores and making selections by picking random books off the shelves.

I also like making websites about where I am living, but there just isn’t a lot of interest in Medan. There is also a great site already on Medan – Medanku.com which does a great job of covering the city.

So now I am doing some more travel in Indonesia, but I am leaning towards living in Bali. I know Bali has its problems and is a very touristy place, but I think I can utilize the huge interest people have in Bali. The site I am planning to develop is Bali Expat. Of course there are lots of sites on Bali, but I think I can approach it from a slightly different angle.

The property market in Bali is also very strong right now. My other eventual goal is to develop an offline business and although it will be very competitive in Bali, I still want to give it a try.