I just finished watching Ed’s video on Facebook for the thirty day challenge. I was intending to send a friend invite just to the people in my team but before I knew what I was doing I sent an invite to all 400 contacts in my address book.

It’s not too bad in a way, as I then received quite a few messages from my friends. I didn’t realize how many people I knew had profiles. Facebook has some great features. I started chatting with a friend asking me where I am right now. I pasted a link from my travel blog and it put in a nice thumbnail into the message. How cool is that?

The thirty day challenge has given me renewed interest in my web sites and how I can promote them better. If you have the time I strongly suggest everyone to join the challenge. It is not too late to join, but you will need to set aside some time to go through watching the videos.

Please add me as a friend if you are using Facebook.

I have also started a Retire Young and Wealthy group.