I am feeling the best I have for a long while. It really helps to be able to get out in the sun and do some exercise. It also helps not having to go off to work every day!

I am resisting sleeping in late and have been getting up around 8 am everyday. I eat my breakfast, read the paper and then do a few hours of work until lunch. After lunch I have been going out either for a walk/jog/bike ride. I rode along the Yarra river into the city today, down the leafy St. Kilda road and then back home along the beach going through St. Kilda, and Elwood. I have forgotten how nice Melbourne can be.

Tonight I cooked dinner. After dinner and watching a bit of TV I am back on the computer until pretty late. It really suits me working like this. I have no idea yet how many hours I am putting in, but it is probably not much different from when I was working a full-time job. Although at that time I working all day and then coming home to work on my websites.

I picked up a new advertiser today: California Mortgage Loan which makes me happy that people are interested in advertising here and makes me more motivated to spend time here.

I have now upgraded all of my blogs to the latest version of Word Press and moving a couple that I have on separate hosts over to Dreamhost. I am working on a travel guide to Melbourne. So much has changed while I have been away, I thought it would be fun to put up a travel site on the city I have lived in for the first 20 years of my life, but have spent so little time in the past five years.

I have sometimes wondered if I was putting up too many sites, which I could not handle, but I am hopefully entering a partnership with someone to maintain one of my older blogs that I rarely update. The site fits in with what he was doing, so it should be a win-win situation for both of us.