Sponsored review:

The emini trading system is advertised as a cheap and reliable trading system based on the S&P 500, created by Todd Mictchell. They offer a free audio CD, some lessons and information on the E-mini trading system, which is a great way to take a preview of emini trading before you make a purchase of the full system.

The educational program includes manuals, videos on DVD, audio CDs, access to the member website and “unlimited phone and email consultation”.

The course includes some of the following:

– how to calculate the next days’s highs and lows

– scalping technique

– MFAM for trend analysis

– probability Counter-Trend trade set-ups

– and most importantly the numbers to buy and sell at

Depending on how much time you spend studying the average person takes about 1-2 months to learn the emini system. The course is suitable for beginners and experienced traders. Todd explains his system without using technical jargon.

He offers a 15 day money back guarantee. He also encourages people to pick up the phone or to send him an email if they have any questions about his course.