I have now received all of the documentation for creating my trust company. It is a bit of a hassle but I know it is definitely better for the long run. My banker is away for the week, so the finance approval might take a bit of time. I just got my rates from my property in Melbourne and they have valued it at 230,000.

I wonder what the market value is? I can’t wait for the banks valuation. Looking at properties for NZ the rate value is well below the sale price. I wonder how this compares in Australia? BTW, feel free to add comments to my blog. I always have this switched on and would love to get some feedback (other than just email).

I have emailed a couple of agents in NZ and haven’t gotten any reply. I know agents in Australia are pretty bad with email so it doesn’t seem NZ is much better. I doubt that agents in the country areas don’t have much better than a 64K connection with a single shared PC in their office. I have my PC on all the time I am home and have all my email accounts open at work. I just can’t help responding to email as soon as I get it. I really appreciate it when the people I work with operate the same way.

To change the subject, I thought I might write a little about Internet Marketing, aka “Making Money on the Internet”. I am sure everyone has seen all the books and promotional e-books advertised. I probably also would have been sceptical when I first heard about it. It is definitely not a “get quick rich” scheme, it takes a lot of study and hard work (not unlike real-estate investing). With that said, if you put in the hard work you can get good cash returns. And if you set up your systems right, it doesn’t matter if you take a bit of time off, but the cheques and wire-transfers still reach your bank account. If you are time-rich, but money-poor it is a good way to do something to help save for closing costs and saving for deposits.

It would seem real-estate and internet marketing are completely separate industries, but I think the 2 are very close to each other. To make money in real-estate you have to look further and further from your own back-yard, so you either have to start doing a lot of travelling or doing research on the internet. Internet, real-estate related web-sites and tools must be making some good money. It’s kind of like the people who made money selling picks and shovels to gold miners.

Anyway, it is getting late for me and I hope to pick up on this or these topics again – real-estate and internet or affiliate marketing.