Don’t let your posssesions own you

Written by Mike

Topics: Mobile living

I lived overseas for most of my adult life and have moved several times between different countries. I have always been careful not to collect too much “stuff”. It is not easy however, as it is nice to collect small mementos and souvenirs from traveling to different places.

It is a good idea not to get too sentimental about your belongings, if you like to move around. Storage and freight costs are expensive, even in this age of cheap transport. You may find that if you have to move overseas, that it is cheaper to sell your large appliances and furniture and buy new stuff in your new destination.

Before I moved, I started selling the things I didn’t want to take with me a few months before my moving date. I put ads in free classified magazines. I was always amazed that people were interested in buying my old stuff and how much people were prepared to pay. I felt like I came out ahead as some of the things I had collected I got for free from my work or as gifts.

There are of course some things which you cannot possibly sell. So you will need to get quotes from various shipping companies to find the best option. Always try to find a company that makes the shipping furniture process simple from the time you get your estimate.

Other things you need to check when deciding on a shipping company include whether they provide custom’s clearance at your destination and whether they deliver your goods to an actual address at your destination, or if you need to pick them up yourself from the port.

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