It is now the third year of running websites for profit and I was thinking to myself if it ever gets any easier.

In some ways I think the answer is yes. I have built up a number of websites that are making a reasonable amount of income. It is never an automatic income as you always need to be doing some kind of maintenance with your sites, doing promotion or looking for new revenue sources.

Once you have at least one site going, it is much easier to get traffic to the next one. You generally have an idea as to what is successful and what is not. I thought that I would now stop buying domains, but I keep thinking of new ideas to try.

I have now upgraded all of my WordPress blogs and working on the Joomla upgrades. I have enough domain names now that I could spend everyday of the next month putting up a new website.

Perhaps that could be a good goal for Febuary – 28 days, 28 websites.