Since my online time has dramatically been cut down since I started traveling, I find myself spending much less time reading webmaster and affiliate forums than I used to. I regularly check various blog feeds, which help me to keep up to date, but not so with forums.

When I first got into affiliate marketing, I discovered webmasterworld and literally spent hours reading all of the discussions on affiliate programs and Adsense. Now I occasionally read the front page items of webmasterworld, but rarely delve much further.

I took a look yesterday at the Adsense discussion and all of the topics were pretty much the same as they were two years ago – ad placement, increasing earnings, made for Adsense sites, getting banned and so on. It is kind of frustrating, because if people actually read Google’s TOS, most of their questions would be answered.

Forums are great if you have just started learning about making money on the internet, but if you are fairly experienced you are probably just wasting valuable time.

To be honest, I find John Chow’s blog the most informative at the moment. I can’t imagine him missing any big news in the world of making money online.