I have just two more weeks of work to go. I am slowly getting rid of my stuff in my apartment. It is amazing the number of foreigners looking for second hand items in Tokyo. Most Japanese prefer to buy everything new, so you can only sell to foreigners living here.

Many people in my company have been asking what I am going to do from now. Aside from the obvious of going to Australia, I have given up trying to explain to people how I plan to make money from creating websites. It is amazing that everyone in my company spends so much time surfing the internet, that they don’t think too much about the people or companies that operate the sites they are viewing. They even spend quite a bit of their advertising budget advertising on the internet.

Few people realize that it could just as easily be one person at home working in their pajamas or a company with full-time staff. I have opted to just say that I will be looking for a new job, but then a whole conversation starts into which country is better to live and work.