Disclosure: The following is a paid review. If I have access to the internet, I will generally try and accept all reviews that I receive. A review on this blog costs just $60.

I am happy that Daily Domainer has asked me to review their site. As regular readers of this blog will know, I enjoy following the world of the domain industry.

Except for the occasional article in the mainstream press, domains are largely ignored as a serious form of investment. I believe most webmasters, don’t pay enough attention to domain related issues as they should. The domain of your website is a valuable asset, which webmasters and companies need to recognize. Making money from domains is not so difficult for people who are prepared to do a bit of research, follow the latest domain news and can think a little creatively.

The Daily Domainer is an excellent source of domain related news. The articles are well written and cover all of the major issues related to domains.

One of the original and most widely known domain news site is DNJournal. DNJournal has a longer history, but the site seems to only use straight html files, with no visible RSS feed. Daily Domainer is run on a Word Press platform, making it easy to navigate for people who are use to the format.

They have some very good domain tips which all webmasters and potential domain investors should be familiar with.

They have an excellent article on domain tasting. You read about this issue all of the time on webmaster forums. Someone has an idea for a site, finds a good domain, but for whatever reason delays registering the domain, only to find out later when they try register it, the domain is no longer available.

The archives of the site go back to January 2007, so I hope the site is able to continue and grow into the future. I have heard the author of DNJournal speak a couple of times and I know he only encourages domain industry news sites from starting, rather than trying to compete. The Daily Domainer has the potential to become a leading source of domain news.

One suggestion I have would be to create an ‘about’ page, so visitors can get a bit of background on the site and more information on the author.

The site seems to presume people are already familiar with the domain industry. I know the site is still fairly new, but I would suggest they should try to have a few more articles on domains for beginners and for people looking to get started in the industry. This information is only going to help promote domains as a mainstream form of investment and monitored like stock market indexes.