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Ovation Law is a company which specializes in helping individuals with bad credit to repair their credit report. Having a good credit rating can help with loan, mortgage and credit approvals. It can also reduce the interest you pay on certain loans.

Ovation Law identifies and helps you to remove questionable items on your report. These can include things like late payments, repossessions, bankruptcies and credit inquiries.

After signing up either by telephone or online, Ovation Law obtains your credit reports and creates a profile for you which you can view online. You can then mark any items which you believe are objectionable. Ovation Law then contacts the relevant parties on your behalf to resolve the matter. All follow up correspondence is handled by Ovation Law.

They provide a full money back guarantee. They have an initial one off fee of $95 and an ongoing fee of $34.95 a month. You don’t have to make payment however, until after the first letters have been sent out. Their fees are very competitive in the industry.

Their website also has a number of free educational ebooks on finance, credit and identity theft which you can download to your computer.

By using Ovation Law’s services, you know that you will be dealing with qualified attorneys and paralegals who have years of experience in the field of credit repair.

Click here to sign up today and to get on your way to improving your credit score.