I have been toying with the idea of some how putting together a blog network, not unlike b5media.com or 9rules.com. I have a whole bunch of different blogs and ideas for a few new ones. The obvious step would be to some how put them all under a single umbrella to try and create some order with them.

I don’t want to employ bloggers like what b5 do, but create a group of blogs around different themes. If no-one joins, I don’t really mind as I see it a way to try and organize my own blogs and try to keep them all updated regularly. At best larger advertising contracts could be negotiated and revenue split, at worst it could be a way to try and drive traffic to each other’s sites.

The main themes I am interested in are making money online, finance, property, sporting events, city/country guides, health and travel. However, I would consider any blog as long it is not totally brand new, is hosted on its own domain and is updated fairly regularly. If anyone has an idea for a blog, I would be happy to set it up for you, provide the hosting and the domain for a share in the revenue. I can also help you to transfer your site from a free blogging site, like blogger to your own domain.

I just registered “fusionpress.com” which to me sounds like pretty cool name. If anyone would like to join or create a logo for the site, please drop me an email.