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Coupon and groupon script comparison

After hearing about how successful group coupons sites like Groupon has become in the U.S., I thought it would be interesting to try and create my own site. Since Groupon focuses on the US and Europe, there are plenty of opportunities to set up your own site in an area that Groupon doesn’t operate in, or in a different vertical or niche.

I wasn’t half surprised when I searched on “Groupon clone” to find several companies selling website clones of the popular site.

A company called Agriya have a script that looks promising. I emailed the company for a quote and they said it would cost around $1200. A little out of my budget for what I would want to spend.

Grouponclone.biz has a script for just $200 and the site has an online demo, although it is difficult to know if the script operates as expected. When buying these kinds of scripts, I like to see if the site has a support forum, which gives you some idea of the install base and the level of support from the programmers. In this case there is no forum.

Grouponclone.com looks like another promising script. It still looks fairly new and is priced at $399.

If you aren’t familiar with how Groupon works, they have some good videos on their website explaining in detail how their website helps businesses.

One of the problems of launching such a site, is the classic chicken before the egg dilemma. How can you convince companies to use your service if you don’t have traffic going to the site and how to get people to subscribe to your site if you don’t have some great deals already going.

Groupon collects the money when people buy an offer and then distributes it to the company if the offer becomes valid. It’s something that I think would be difficult to get going without having some kind of trust happening already between your customers and advertisers.

My thought to get a site going was to just set up a site where companies could create printable coupons and you could make it free initially and then charge later if the site became successful. At the same time you could also build up an email list where people would get automatic emails of new coupons available.

I thought it would be easy to find such a script, but most of the scripts seem to be suited for online coupons. I wanted to create something that people would print out and take to a store as I would be operating a site where internet is not so widely used in business.

After spending a few hours searching, Coupon Press which works with WordPress seems to offer one of the better valued solutions. It’s $79 and it looks to have a good install base and support, judging from the activity on their forum.

There is a free extension available for Joomla which I did try, but it just looks too basic.

So while it might seem fairly easy to set up your own group on type business, you still have to think how you plan to get traffic and people to actually using your service.

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  1. John says:

    Very interesting idea. I have actually been brainstorming ideas about starting a similar site like Groupon, but just within my local immediate area.

    Thanks for the tip on Coupon Press – I will have to check it out.

  2. James says:

    Hi John, i agree with the idea, sounds very good.

    I purchase couponpress to try and i must say its excellent, strongly recommended.


  3. Chris says:

    http://groupscript.net – another clone, seems better then others.

  4. Niklas says:

    Look here aswell http://www.alstrasoft.com/groupon_clone.htm
    i think i will order that looks really nice

  5. Tony Perez says:

    Hi John,

    At the beginning I was curios as I though you were in the coupon script business, as I kept reading. I found out your advise was genuine. I did not paid attention to your site title sorry! But you are right on target, I will take another look to the site as I am searching for a nice coupon script.

  6. keith says:

    Wow what a web of people in the Groupon Clone business and the companies that say they offer White Label offers “Private Label” Groupon Sites … Finding a legitimate coder, Groupon script that works, or Groupon clone or white label site can leave you exhausted. many many scripts are bad, white label companies can say they private label and then they want to get in the middle between you and your customers and actually print their company name on your vouchers and demand that they pay the advertiser with there check — come on guys White Label means White Label – a White Label partner should be INVISIBLE to the world. Also they seem to offer everything then they fall short when you request something small for any computer coder… and then the calls you get from the sharks $50,000 is an actual quote I received from one, Tippr offered a 60/40 split and Analoganalyctic backed out of their agreement after putting it in writing – and they were terrible on returning phone calls etc.. strung us on for a week wasting our time, other companies in San Diego are just looking for $5,000 deposits to get you started … Finding a True Clean program is difficult that is why we are setting up a virtually free platform for all entrepreneurs that want to play in this new amazing world of Groupon sites and daily deal sites — http://www.dailydealsetc.com I wish you all success in finding your solution in the Groupon Daily Deal Business.

  7. Poor Uncle says:

    Nice article. I spend some time on Couponpress demo; but finally determine that it does not have enough functionality to do printable coupons. Very nice themes nevertheless.

  8. Thanks for the comparison. I have always wondered how these scripts work. I appreciate your input.

  9. gclone says:

    hay i have a lot of Groupon Clone groupon clone and u check my website.

  10. David says:

    I bought a Groupon clone called Couponic and it’s been pretty good so far. The forum is helpful too. Take a look:http://uniprogy.com

  11. jack hooper says:


    ndot.in offer new free groupon clone for download.
    Paid version costs only $95 with additional features.

  12. Steve says:

    I would stay away from buying a groupon clone script from Agriya. Before buying their script, I saw many bad reviews about Agriya’s customer service, poor support, and not issuing refunds to customers.

    I went against my gut instinct and still ordered their groupon clone script. It was a huge mistake that cost me $750 and months of wasted time & frustration. They are slow to respond to support issues plus they will try to get extra money from you even for small issues. Your project will likely be delayed months.

    Also, Agriya’s groupon script only comes with Paypal payment gateway integrated. Another problem is that Paypal likely won’t approve your account because you are collecting payments on behalf of a 3rd party. Then you will be stuck with a software that doesn’t have a payment gateway. Agriya will then ask for hundreds of more dollars to customize another payment gateway. They will try to nickel and dime you for everything.

    They are based in India. Their website gives the appearance of a professional company but their business practices are to the contrary. You will be especially screwed if you are from the U.S. because they know you won’t be able to do anything to them in India. Trust me on this.

    I contacted 3-4 other website owners who bought Agriya’s script to inquire about their experience. Everyone one of them had a bad experience with Agriya

    Do yourself a favor. Find another vendor for your groupon type script. Run as far away from Agriya as you can.

  13. Vincent says:


    I would be very interested if any of you had a GOOD experience from any of the other scripts?


  14. jenny1905 says:

    I hired a programmer on odesk to make me some code for a daily deals site I am starting. It cost over $2000, took months and was still full of bugs. After that, I looked at a bunch of ready made groupon clones. Couponic was the best I could find. Only $200 and truly amazing. Flawless, with no bugs. Looks great. Works seamlessly. It even has a partner site and a manager site. The code is also so flexible, it was unbelievable. Best business decision I’ve ever made.

  15. Agriya says:

    We’d like to respectfully disagree with the commenter above. The GroupDeal software is integrated with PayPal (Standard and Pro), Authorize.net and PagSeguro. We have hundreds of customers who are running live deals right now using PayPal and other payment gateways. The fact is that if you need to customize the script beyond the default installation then Agriya will charge. Alternatively you could look at freelance markets like Scriptlance.

    In reference to the original post, the GroupDeal software now costs $1,000.

    Running a Group buying website will cost a lot of upfront capital and investment, it’s not a business model that’s right for everyone unless you have contacts within the local business community and can advertise and market your site heavily. Therefore if your budget stretches to $100 then I would recommend saving it for a great deal on Groupon rather than trying to compete with them!

  16. Groupon Clone says:

    I had purchased a groupon clone script from Agriya for $1,000. However, I have now abandoned my plan of starting this site myself. So I am selling this script.
    I will give it to you for $300 with all installation instructions, manuals, 3 months support etc.

    You can verify that the price of the original script is $1,000 on Agriya website at http://customers.agriya.com/products/groupdeal

    If interested, plz email me at punitgupta29@yahoo.com

  17. Hey Mike, great article,couponpress is a great theme I have been using it for thenpast 3 years and its gotten way better the creator welcomes and has setup an area in the forum were yo can even request future additions to to the theme so if there is something that you would like added to the theme thatbwill make things easier for you he usually will add it if its feasible.I also like the fact that couponpress is only one theme of many others premiumpress is there main company and they offer other wordpress themes for shopping,directories and home sales. Premiumpress.com forum is great also the owner usually responds to questions pretty quick and sometimes other theme users respond to help also. Couponpress a great way to get your site up and running very quickly. Another thing that i like is the fact that can use your theme on as many sites you like to build without extra cost.

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