I heard a comment made on the This Week In Startups podcast about the possibility of Facebook launching a similar program to Adsense for website publishers.

Having been an Adsense publisher for several years now, I was of course excited by this prospect. There have been many companies try to copy Google’s platform, but few have ever come close. Adsense really enabled small time hobby webmasters to quit their day jobs and make a good living from the program.

Many publishers report that revenues have gone down with Adsense overtime, but it is still one of the easiest ways to make money online. I have noticed that Google’s ads becoming even more targetted lately, to the point that is a little creepy. I am sure though it is pretty effective for Google.

Google gathers information about you by the searches you do and the sites you visit. Facebook potentially knows even more about individual users than Google. Mark Zuckerberg has long been reluctant to put more ads on Facebook, not to mention the low click through rates of the ads, by allowing website publishers to put Facebook ads on their sites for a revenue share deal with Facebook, to me would be a stroke of genius.

Now that Facebook is a listed company, they are going to be continually looking for new revenue streams. In attempt to “woo” website publishers to Facebook’s platform, Facebook would probably offer an attractive revenue share – at least initially.

There is also nothing to stop them from launching a similar mobile program, which could help Facebook make money in an area they have been struggling.