I have been trying to spend more time creating new content today. I had plans to submit articles to aritcle sites, but I think I will focus on just adding articles to my existing sites. After thinking about it some more, I think you would only benefit from those article sites only if you had a typical one page sales letter type of site.

Those sites are very difficult to obtain links. People will generally only naturally link to information which is useful or informative. I don’t mind writing – I am not a great writer, but if I can get into the groove I can pump out information.

Working on the internet, it is so easy to get distracted. I have been trying to set mini-goals throughout the day. Finish one small task and then take a break, or do something I find more interesting, like reading forums or researching new ideas.

I find I have to keep reminding myself I need to focus or a least spend a couple of hours a day buildining on stuff that is currently profitablefor me and then I spend the rest of the time doing work that only might be profitable in the future.