One the best ways to get traffic to your site, retain visitors and earn money from programs like Adsense is – content. Most webmasters make a target of creating at least one page of content a day. Depending on how much you devote to your website, this can be an easy or difficult task. Just trying to update a blog everyday is a difficult enough task!

If you are forever busy how can you get free content for your website?

– Add a forum –

By adding a forum people’s questions and answers adds pages to your website. If you optimize the forum, Google will be able to index the pages.

– Hire writers –

If your site is popular, people will articles for free, just to get a link back to their website. I am currently dealing with someone who wants to write for my Tokyo site.

– Government and Industry Associations –

If your site deals with a particular product or cause, industry associations might be happy to provide you with material. On my Tokyo site the Tokyo tourist association has given me permission to use their maps on my site for free.

– Data feeds –

This is where you can place some scripts on your site which pulls in data from another website, like news headlines. Some sites are made totally from data feeds. Mambo has a very easy method to add news feeds.

– Quotes –

If you quote text from a site or publication and refer back to the original source you can get some extra words to your article. It also adds a feeling of authenticity to what you write.

Does anyone else have any other ideas?