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Don’t let your posssesions own you

8 November 2013


I lived overseas for most of my adult life and have moved several times between different countries. I have always been careful not to collect too much “stuff”. It is not easy however, as it is nice to collect small mementos and souvenirs from traveling to different places. It is a good idea not to […]

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My new Nokia E63

23 May 2009


My laptop has been giving me trouble these days and while the hardware is fine, Windows is giving the bluescreen of death every second day. It get’s pretty annoying. I think I will buy a new Netbook soon, so instead of a new laptop I thought I would just get a new phone with Wfi. […]

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When every day is a weekend

13 September 2007

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I guy from Belgium I had been out drinking with a couple of times who is currently on a year’s leave of absence from his job said to me, “everday feels like a weekend”. This is one of the nice things about working while traveling, but it can be difficult at times. Everyone around you […]

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Living and working overseas destinations: Cambodia

25 June 2007


Following on from my post on living overseas, I am going to profile some of the countries I have been to for the suitability for living in to develop your internet business or perhaps to even start your own non-internet related business. Cambodia Famous for: Angkor Wot, Khmer Rouge, Killing Fields Visas: Cambodia is perhaps […]

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Travel to develop your internet business – where to go

21 June 2007


Regarding my post: traveling to develop your internet business, Claire asks: That being said, I have to say your blog post on how to reduce your living expenses by going abroad is very well thought out. However, if you don’t happen to be a citizen of that country, won’t they eventually kick you out? I […]

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Don’t let your possessions own you

18 June 2007


I have started a new category to my blog on Mobile Living. It is to write about my experiences working while traveling around the world. I finally bought a PDF version of the the “4 Hour Working Week” by Tim Ferrris from Powells. I am not sure why, but Amazon weren’t selling an electronic version. […]

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