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So-long Beijing

It has been nearly a month since I posted my last entry to this blog, which is probably the longest break I have had from writing here. I suppose I felt like I needed to take a break from blogging after the Olympics. I am...

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Success in small steps

I have been battling away now on my Beijing blog for nearly a year now and it is just over a month until the the games start in August. The Wall Street Journal linked to the blog today and Problogger published an article I wrote...

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My China visa woes

I have been in China for a few months now and since I last posted about getting a visa to stay here for the Olympics, I still haven’t gotten it yet. Worst still the agent has my passport and my previous visa has long...

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Fun and games in China

I was surprised last year when I came to China how easy it had become to rent an apartment and live in the country (aside from the crowds and the pollution). With the run up to the Olympics, China has become more like it was ten...

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Internet clampdown in China

Sorry, for the lack of updates on this blog. I have been spending what little time I have online working on my Beijing Olympic site. Traveling in China is fun, but also very tiring. Everything seems to take a day or two longer...

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What is your China strategy

China is set to have 60 million bloggers by 2006 according to a Reuters article (via). China is also moving its advertising from traditional media to the internet according to businessweek. “…the slump has print...

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