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Google dependency

My internet connection is not great in Bali. I think now my internet bill is higher than my monthly rent! Partly because I moved to a cheaper place and now paying to have it in our office. From time to time, stops...

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Using Google Chrome

My laptop is still going strong after a couple of years, but it is starting to get slower and slower, mainly when starting up. I am reluctant to buy a new one as this one has been so reliable. A reinstall of the Windows would...

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Mail from a Forbes reporter

Back in April I received an email from Andrew Greenberg from Forbes. He was writing an article on Google’s supplemental index. He found me through a comment I made on Aaron Wall’s blog. He wanted me to call him to...

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Blogger merged with Google accounts

I logged into blogger today and got a message asking if I wanted to merge my blogger account with my google account. I don’t use blogger for much these days, but I still have the original acccount where this blog started....

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The Google Story

After not being able to find anything that looked vaguely interesting, I picked up a copy of ‘The Google Story’ by David Vise and Mark Malseed. It is a fast pace read and is interesting to think what you were doing...

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Google and Microsoft go head to head

The competition between Microsoft and Google is becoming greater as they both try to cross into one another’s domains. Google have released their own on-line calendar and just when I thought I would stop using Hotmail, I...

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