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Playing around with video

I have been enjoying playing around with some videos I have taken. My computer though doesn’t have enough grunt though to do any heavy editing. I just discovered TubeMogul which automatically uploads your videos to 14...

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Auto video poster

I am totally against people who scrape RSS feeds and publish it on to their own blog, but I had an idea for a niche video blog and I couldn’t be bothered actually finding content and posting it. People have no trouble...

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Mini successes

After yesterday’s burst in traffic, I just checked my YouTube stats and I have had 683 views for the video I took on the new Beijing subway line. It looks like a couple of sites picked up the video. I took it on the day...

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Tokyo Game Show

Not that I am into video games very much, I thought it would be interesting to take a look. Here is a video I took of the event. [tag]Tokyo Game Show[/tag]

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Relaxing in Koh Chang

It has only been two days here in Thailand now and just lying on the beach watching the waves roll I can feel the tension and stress falling off me into the sand. The author of one my favorite websites has a great post on how he...

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