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Two great new blogs to check out

In a world of thousand dollar ebooks and membership sites, it is nice to find people offering no nonense, BS-free tips and advice for making money online. Financial Hack As the author says on his about page: You probably don’t...

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One website which sent me a bit of traffic when I had a big spike in traffic was I had never heard of the site, but it looks like you can submit a link and if it is accepted it stays on the front page for a day. I...

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Anyone using Twitter?

I keep hearing things about Twitter but still not sure what it is all about even after signing up. You kind of get the feeling that people are starting these companies just to get bought out by...

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Doing business in your bathrobe

February 12th marks the 5th annual “Doing business in your bathrobe” day. The day was created by Webmomz and they describe it as: “It’s an internationally national holiday to call attention to the millions of...

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Bum marketing

I have been concentrating so much lately on creating new sites, I haven’t been looking into ways to promote my existing ones. I often fall into this habit, but I know I have spend some time every day on getting links and...

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Paid reviews

This is a sponsored post. I have signed up with one of the newer pay for posting service: ReviewMe. They are giving out $25,000 to bloggers who review their site. They are associated, or owned by TextLinkAds. I have just...

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