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WordPress can only get better

With every new update to WordPress I am quite amazed at how much better it gets and is slowly but surely it is becoming the best CMS option available on the web. I have used Joomla quite a bit and it has some good features, but...

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New Frugal theme for the blog

It’s been more than one year since I updated the theme for this blog. I have been using the Revolution theme for the past year and installed it when magazine type themes were popular. I have since discovered the Frugal...

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My blog hacked

Thanks to Mid life travel and Work on a boat for email me about this site, I found that it had been hacked. The hack is very sneaky as no matter what I did I could not see the re-direct. Do a search in Google on wordpress and...

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No feedburner in China

If you are wondering why you get traffic from China but don’t have any RSS readers and you use feedburner for your feed, well the reason is that feedburner is generally blocked in China by the great Chinese firewall. Most...

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