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I am pumped!

27 August 2009


Ever since I started this article writing experiment, my Adsense has only been going up and up. It’s really encouraging for me to keep pumping out the articles. I am up to 14 articles now on Infobarrel with another one waiting to be approved. The goal of 50 by the end of September still seems […]

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Happy holidays!

26 December 2007


Happy holidays to everyone. I have been working on a post to recap the year but haven’t finished it yet. I have spent the last couple of days with my family. I haven’t been doing much work the past week or so, but will probably get back into this year and also work on a […]

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Adsense on the increase

4 October 2007


Lately, I have noticed an increase in my Adsense earnings. I am not exactly sure why, a little extra traffic is helping but the trend does seem to be moving up. I have no idea, but perhaps Google is paying advertisers more. I no longer read webmaster forums so it is difficult to know if […]

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Adsense is dead podcast

27 September 2006


If you have a life outside of internet marketing, you probably haven’t been paying attention to the whole is Adsense alive or dead argument. I just finished listening to a podcast with John Jonas. I enjoyed listening to what he said even if I felt a little depressed by trying to make to make some […]

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My site in Joel Comms Ebook

9 September 2006


It is interesting sometimes to just search on your domain name in google without the the .com to see if there are references to your sites. Today I found that my Japanese Diet was mentioned in an ebook by Joel Comm. Joel Comm is famous for his books on adsense. It the last case study […]

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July 2006 adsense

1 August 2006


The last couple of weeks earnings have been on the up and up with Google Adsense. I have no explanation as to why other than perhaps we are moving into the travel season. I came in at $683 for the month. For the past couple of months I have been hovering around $500-$600. It is […]

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Adsense secret ebooks

27 June 2006


There seem to be a lot of Adsense “secret” books around. I have a secret for you – there are no secrets! In general people get higher click throughs when they blend their ads in the surrounding text, using colours of the main site. Some gurus also suggest placing the ads next to pictures. This […]

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Beijing Olympic site update

23 May 2006


I have installed a new template for my Beijing Olympic site. I have also tried to optimize the ads in the site in a way that everyone is recommending these days. Everyone on forums tend to agree on: – Using the Google heatmap – Blending ads – Put ads in the main text of the […]

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How long will Adsense last

24 April 2006


There is an interesting discussion going on at Webmasterworld on this topic. One person had this to say: Currently, online marketing only accounts for around 10% of all advertsing expenditure. Within the next 10 years, that figure will be around 50% if not more. The future is rosy. The people who are looking to make […]

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Mini Site Update

18 April 2006

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Someone left a comment asking how my mini-sites are doing. The short answer is: pretty average. Although, someone just yesterday bought a wine opener from my site. I have done nothing to promote the site, it took a couple of hours to set up and I have made a couple of bucks from it. Is […]

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