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No marketing, no traffic, no users

20 June 2007


I think some people are interested in knowing how my sites are performing from my 28 Site Challenge. The challenge was to create one new website per day for the month of February. It seems such a long time ago now! Not surprisingly performance is pretty dismal. If someone visits a site like jobseekchina and […]

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Site 25 – 28 Site Challenge

28 February 2007


It is the last day of the challenge and I am not going to meet my goal for the month of 28 sites. Here is the site I have been working on today: I just bought the script for it today and it seems to work great. I am trying to customize the template, […]

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Site 24 – 28 Site Challenge

27 February 2007

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Site 24 is up today. It is a property site for Latin America. I thought that it was a good domain when I registered it and was surprised that it wasn’t already taken. Like any new site, doing some marketing to get people to use the site is the next biggest challenge.

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Site 23 – 28 Site Challenge

26 February 2007


Here is today’s site: This is the last of my hostel/hotel sites and I don’t plan on creating any more. I am thinking of installing Joomla onto the site. I will be going up to Chiang Mai next month, so I am going to have more opportunity to take some pictures and add more […]

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Site 22 – 28 Site Challenge

24 February 2007


I am in the process of installing the component Virtuemart for my next site. There is a fair bit to do to get the component set up, so there is no way I am going to be able to finish it today.

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Site 21 – 28 Site Challenge

23 February 2007


I am getting behind my site a day now and have to catch up. I had an idea today to create a blog with humorous stories and info found on the net. I thought that since I spend a bit of time reading this kind of stuff, I may as well put anything interesting into […]

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Day 20 – 28 Site Challenge

21 February 2007


Day 20’s site is another blog: At least I am in the 20s now, as I am getting pretty tired of this challenge.

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Day 19 – 28 Site Challenge

20 February 2007


I have created another blog for day 19’s site. Soy Diet Another blog I run on Takafumi Horie, a Japanese entrepreneur who was charged with accounting fraud was linked by someone on a Japanese Yahoo message board and has brought in some nice traffic to the site. The ruling is scheduled for March 16th, which […]

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Day 18 – 28 Site Challenge

19 February 2007


Partly for my own benefit, I decided to create a fitness related site. The site is running Joomla. There are a few fitness related components that are available in Joomla which I have installed but haven’t had a chance to play around with much, although they look fairly promising. Fitness is definitely a huge […]

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Day 17 – 28 Site Challenge

18 February 2007


Day seventeen’s site is another hotel mini-site:

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