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Smart Loans for Students

Spoiler: There is no such thing as a smart loan for students, or anyone else, for that matter. There is only smart lending and smart borrowing. No loan is designed for the borrower’s best interest. They are always designed to...

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Student Housing: A Bankable Investment

If you have the up-front capital to invest in a property, there is some serious money to be made in student housing. For years, small-time investors have been looking at buy-to-let investments as simply a way to make a little...

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How to Put Inherited Money to the Best Use

Even if it has been long-expected, the death of a loved one is always a sad occasion. If you’ve recently lost someone, it’s important to give yourself time to grieve. There’s no rush to decide what to do with any money you...

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Buying a used car in Australia

It is a well known fact, that as soon as you purchase a new car and once it leaves the show room, the value has already dropped substantially. Buying a second hand car can potentially save you a great deal of money, but there...

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