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Smart Loans for Students

Spoiler: There is no such thing as a smart loan for students, or anyone else, for that matter. There is only smart lending and smart borrowing. No loan is designed for the borrower’s best interest. They are always designed to...

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Volvo – one of the safest cars to drive

Volvo have long had a history of safety and reliability for their car range and safety is one of company’s core values. In 1959, an engineer working for Volvo, Nils Bohlin invented the three point seat belt system, which...

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Jaguar F-type review

When I was growing up, our neighbor owned an older model Jaguar XJ. He used to let to us kids play in the car. It was different than usual Fords and Holden cars that most of our dads owned. Since then I have always admired the...

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Why Your Resume is Holding you Back

With the unemployment rate in the United States around 7.7%, and with approximately 85% of college graduates moving back home with their parents, employment is on the minds of many citizens. Lack of employment contributes to a...

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