Welcome to the 15th edition of the Carnival of Money Stories. Andy has asked that I only include personal money stories and money experience – always be sure to check the submission guidelines! I had a very long list of articles to get through, but was able to find some new and interesting blogs. One lesson I learned was that a touch of humor helps to make your article stand out from the others.

My New Choice will be hosting the next carnival and you can submit your articles here.

Real Estate

Daniel asks whether he should get into the Thai property market: Jumping into Thai real estate market head first

Midnight Raider writes why they decided to buy their own property instead of renting: Homeownership Made Sense For Us

Mr Credit Card writes how his mortgage feels like credit card debt: My Mortgage Feels Like Credit Card Debt (Ask Mr Credit Card’s Blog)


MoneyChangesThings writes how her honesty resulted in his account actually being credited $300: My Ethics Reward: $300!.


Sheppard Salter writes on some new business scams: More Scams That Sabotage The Simple Life


Super Saver writes about his latest stock purchases: Buy Stocks Now? – Build Intestinal Fortitude

Allen Taylor looks at which years are better for investing: Making Big Money By Looking At The Seasons Of Investment.

Saving Money

MoneyNing has an interesting article on whether we actually waste time trying to save money: Maybe We Spend Too Much Time Saving Money

Smith has an interesting article on why getting a summer job is not always the best option for students: The Economics of a High School Student

Silicon Valley Blogger has an interesting article on the costs of beauty: How To Look Good On A Budget: The Business of Beauty

Frugal Living

Christine Kane has a very thought provoking article, something which I can strongly relate to: Are You Saving Money or Wasting Time?

Eric Stanley writes how he saves money by using coupons and making his own meals: Free Up 2,000 A Month – Easily

Matthew Paulson has an article on buying second hand jewlery, but I don’t think many women will agree with him: Buying Jewelry On the Secondary Market: It’ll Save You Thousands

Brett McKay has a funny article on why he hates cars: I Hate Cars

Personal Finance

Nina writes about her first argument over money with her partner: Sleeping with Money: Our First Big Money Fight

And to finish on a touch of humor:

Madeleine Begun Kane writes a limerick: Married To Money