Please email me if you have any other business ideas. I will put a link back to your site.

Remember: Few people become rich working for someone!

– Sell an existing bricks and mortar business’ products online.

– Study changes in government law, get the necessary qualifications and become a consultant and help advise people/companies on how to implement the changes in law.

– Put more into 401(k) and other pension plans. Often these plans receive favorable government tax incentives as they relieve the burden from government to provide for people in the retirement years.

– Start your own mobile dog washing service.

– Re-sell concert and sports tickets. While re-selling tickets is often illegal in many countries, the buying of premium of music concert and sports ticket and selling them again on internet auction sites is big business for many people.

– Move to a regional area. Realestate in the major western capital cities often outstrips growth in regional areas. Consider selling your house and moving to the country and working from home or on the Internet.

– Get a law degree. Legal professions are some of the highest paid people around the globe.

– Quit your job and become a contractor. The skills you have learnt in your job could be readily utilized by similar companies. Work less hours, for potentially more pay, just be sure to check any NDA contracts or agreements you may have signed which may prohibit this practice.

– Invest in upcoming private companies. Many high potential companies with great ideas fail due to lack of investment.

– Start your own business. Few people have been able to become wealthy by working for companies.

– Move to a higher potentially higher income country. Many western countries are short of skilled, professional people and are willing to pay good salaries for qualified people.

– Work with venture companies. Venture companies work with the next Microsofts, Yahooos and Googles.

– Collect antique coins and stamps – become an expert in the field.

– Actually try to make and market the next brilliant invention you have.

– Create an e-commerce site by selling those hard to come by widgets on the internet.

– Look outside your own city or country for realestate. The best property may not be in your own backyard!

– Invest in roads in China. China’s transportation system is developing slowly and car/bus/truck transport is still in its infancy in remote areas, often due to lack of good roads.

– Train your children to become sporting professionals. Ok, it is not the most moral idea, but if they love the sport they are doing, give them all of the encouragement they need.

– Move to a developing country with lower living costs. If you can still receive your regular salary but live in a developing a country you could potentially save a great deal of money.

– Invest in the middle-east. Currently a worn torn area, but these oil-laden countries are still important to US/Europe/Japan for the next 10/20 years.

– Research 1 cent stocks. Just a 1 cent increase in the company’s stock price can see your investment double.

– Get a new job. If you have worked for a company for a number of years, other companies could potentially pay you a lot more four skills and knowledge.

– Become a coal miner. Recent accidents are making it difficult for mining companies to find new people and thus helping increase salaries. Just be sure you can handle confined spaces.

– Create a healthy, fast food chain.

– Become a tour guide for your own town or city.

– If you can speak another language, hire yourself out as an interpreter/translator.

– Start your own child care service. With more mothers working to make ends meet, the demand for educational and reliable child-care services is only on the increase.

– Start a blog on a new niche topic.

– Create your own natural, skin care range.

– Create your own local or interest specific dating service.

– Write book reviews of all your favourite books and movies and include Amazon affiliate links.

– Create a pet-sitting or care service.

– Breed your own pets/dogs.

– Help people to arrange funerals and burial services.

– Open your own cake and coffee shop.

– Sell a product or service that is successful in one city but not available in another city.

– Create a service to help people who might be moving to your country or city.

– Manage rental properties.

– Always get good legal and financial advice for any new venture.

– Invest in a company or industry that could be a takeover target.

– Buy unsold retail wholesale inventory and sell it online.

– Learn about exotic financial instruments such as warrants, futures and emerging markets.

– Franchise your own business.