I have been concentrating so much lately on creating new sites, I haven’t been looking into ways to promote my existing ones. I often fall into this habit, but I know I have spend some time every day on getting links and promoting my existing sites to increase my income.

I have read a little on the “Bum marketing” method. At least the title sounded interesting! The information is free by signing up here. I suggest creating an email address primarily for these types of signups as you will get a tonne of email.

The author suggests writing articles and submitting them to sites like Ezinearticles and Goarticles. He also suggests using wordpress.com and squidoo.com. He suggests targetting longer search phrases with fewer search results.

With goarticles you can include affiliate links, where as ezinearticles you can only include a link to an actual website.

He also suggests using US Free ads to promote products. I have no idea how effective this would be, but for people who don’t have a website and can’t be bothered to write articles, it could be a way to get into internet marketing.

Nothing too original here, but I had kind of forgot about writing articles to get links.