I had an email from someone asking about how to go about blogging for profit. I wish I knew the answer to this question! Firstly I would take a look at problogger.net and the different sites the author has created.

It’s not easy at all to make money from blogs. You need to find your own profitable niche.

I make very little money from my blog. I started with bigger expectations, but have found out how hard it is. I blog now just to keep track of what I am doing, and write away about my life to anyone who is interested in reading. I think my own family lost interest after my first couple of posts!

I use blogger. They offer free webhosting and it works fine. Moveable Type I have heard is also good if you are planning to get into it seriously.

I also recommend people reading *everything* on webmasterworld.com which has the best info on making money on the web. Don’t bother with any of those ebooks. If you spend enough time on that site you can learn everything there is to know. Books are out of date by the time they reach print.

Getting your site up is only part of the long haul. Building links and getting people to actually visit your site is the hardest part.

If anyone has put a new site recently, I would love to hear how you are doing.