I logged into blogger today and got a message asking if I wanted to merge my blogger account with my google account. I don’t use blogger for much these days, but I still have the original acccount where this blog started.

My old blog still has a page rank of 4, so it is useful getting links and getting Google to index new sites.

I always recommend people creating a new blog to use their own domain with WordPress, but there is probably a good case for using blogger in some instances. For starters it is operated by Google, so there is a good chance they will rank their hosted blogs higher. It is very easy to apply for an Adsense account if you don’t already have one. A great deal of the blogs that appear in Google alerts seem to be hosted on blogger. It is also very easy to add images.

The downside is that you have little control over the blog and the database if you run into problems. Google has cleaned up a lot of the spam blogs out there, but it is a never ending battle. No-one is really going to take you seriously, especially if you are trying to create a professional, money generating site.