Every since I read about PlentyOfFish last year, I have had similar aspirations. I am not saying that I will reach the levels of income he has reached, but more along the lines of creating a website that rivals bigger websites/companies run by hundreds of people.

Techcrunch reports on a travel website RealTravel. Last year they received $1 million in funding.

The blogging platform performs like any other blog (RSS included) except you catagorize by location and type (if it’s a review or not) before you write up the entry. You can’t drop drop images directly in a post, but instead associate some photos with it via an image gallery. You can print these photos out later using Qoop. Readers can comment on posts or leave questions in RealTravel’s location specific forums.

RealTravel has accomplished all of this in just one year, and with only $1 million in angel funding. They are a poster-child for the way to run a lean web service, and I suspect a bigger round of financing, or acquisition, will come in the near future.

With only $1 million? I would be happy with a thousand dollars! I am not saying my own travel site has the same level of sophistication, but as I said I do have big goals. How much could it cost to get a travel planner script developed on rentacoder?

I think my site will get more interesting as I get out on the road with my laptop.