Working from home is a very rewarding way to go, but it’s not possible for everybody. If you work for a boss, you may not be able to convince them to let you do your job from home. However, this doesn’t have to stop you. With one of the most profitable at-home business models, you can start your own business and gain the freedom you deserve.

When your office is only a few steps away from your bedroom, you gain the ability to save a ton of cash on your commute. No longer do you have to remain stuck in traffic, rush out of the house to get to work on time or worry about how expensive gas becomes. If you’re interested in making money online from home in 2013, choose one of the top business models below:

Top Home Business Models

1. Freelance Work

As a freelancer, you don’t work for a boss, but for clients. You can run your own business and make money for putting in time as a writer, web developer, stock investor or a number of other positions. Many companies have cut back on the people they hire because they outsource many projects to freelance workers. The best part about working as a freelancer, you choose your clients and workload.

For example, as a freelance writer, you choose whether you want to write blog posts and articles online or whether you’d rather write magazine articles for large publications. Once you’ve established a client base, you can control how much work you do and when you do it. This fits well for those looking to start a home business without any employees and those wanting to work the hours of the day they prefer.

2. Computer Repair

With over one computer per household in the United States, the computer repair business is booming. You will need an actual room, garage or basement you can set up your business in because you will need room for the computers you’re working on. If you decide to start a home based computer repair business, you can make money from the time you put in (average of $50/hour for personal and $75 – $100/hour for small business) and from marking up parts (30% on most 50-100% on accessories).

3. SEO Services

Search engine optimization is one of the most popular online marketing strategies available. This type of business requires a strong knowledge of the industry, but if you’re capable of achieving results for your clients, you can make a hefty profit per job. With the popularity of SEO and a number of companies realizing they need more than just a website, this can become a very profitable home business model.

Whether you decide to work as a freelance designer or you want to repair computers, you can start a home-based business to replace your current income. Some businesses can make business-to-business contacts and find all the clients they need, such as a web designer pairing with both a writer and an SEO consultant. However you go about starting your home business, you will gain new freedom from working at home.