I have just back from Australia. The trip has filled me with new motivation to do exactly as the name of my blog suggests. While in Australia I pick up Steve McKnights books on property investing. His website is: https://www.propertyinvesting.com He takes ideas from Roberty Kiyosaki’s books and applies them to Australia. It has really given me more inspiration and I hope to write more about what I am doing in the following months.

I have already put in an offer on one place I found on the net and interested in a group of shops. NZ also seems very promising. I am getting my apartment valued which I own in Australia. It is in Melbourne and returns a fairly dismal 4% return but has almost doubled in 3 years. I have also made a pretty good dent in mortgage leaving me with a nice bit of equity to fund my future purchases.

The hardest thing is just actually taking the first step. It’s a little scary I have begun to realize if I don’t start now I never will!