I can’t believe how much people are talking about the latest Google PageRank update! It even made the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper in Australia (at least the online version).

It’s not going to stop me selling links, at least on this blog. I am still making money with Text Link Ads and Linkworth, so it is going to be interesting to see how this income goes.

One thing I can see happening is that there are going to be more sponsored posts in blogs and linking from articles rather than from links in sidebars and blogrolls. Google kind of made the market for buying and selling links and now they are trying to close the market. Perhaps it is a good thing, I am not really sure right now. Selling links has become a very good source of income for many bloggers, especially where Adsense didn’t work so well.

I agree with what Darren has written on the subject:

I think that what Google has done this last week means that we’ll see more and more of the text link selling go further underground. We’ll see it happen less using systems like TextLinkAds and more happening in less transparent ways.

And if Darren is right, which I think he is, the internet is going to become an even less trustworthy source of information.