I often hear people asking are niche sites the way to go to be successful on the internet.

Personally, I don’t think that niche sites are the [i]only[/i] way to go. If you have an idea for a big general topic, I say go for it. But you have to keep asking yourself, how will my site be different or better than the existing sites out there.

The theory is that you can quickly rise to the top of Google if you focus on a niche, but of course you will only be at the top for a few key words in your niche.

If you are prepared to put in for the long haul a big general site is possible, but you need to be extremely patient.

The other alternative is to find new things which are becoming popular and start to make sites/register domains about the topic. Of course you are taking some gamble as to whether the topic will indeed bear fruit.

Also, if a popular company name or product changes name, think of all of the great domain names you can register. One example is when Mambo changed their name to Joomla.