I have received all the forms to fill in to re-finance my home. I will be spending tomorrow filling them in and going over the details. My bank will do a valuation on the house I own to see how much I will be able to borrow. I also need to get a bank account set up in New Zealand and possibly set up a trust.

After I get my bank account set up I will be transferring the money I make from my web-sites to NZ rather than Japan and Australia. It makes me excited, because it’s the first time for a long time that I have had a real goal and I am actually taking action.

It’s not a lot of money but it is enough to help pay legal fees, valuations and building inspections. I am so keen to get my first property, but I know I need to be patient and to get everything organized first. People have questioned me as to why I want to get more into debt but I plan only to buy properties that are cash flow positive. I have also done pretty well with the capital gains from my first house, which would not have been possible without getting bank finance.

I am also working on developing multiple streams of income so I will be spreading the risk. If I lose my job, or a property is vacant or a web-site stops making money, I will be able to cover the loss from another stream.

The problem is for too long I haven’t really thought about how I should be investing or how I should be using my savings. It was last year that I first read the Rich Dad books. They motivated me a lot to do something but I never really made a plan and I never took any action on all the great ideas I had.

I have always been good at saving but unless you actually do something with the savings that produces income, and grows with inflation it may as well be for nothing. The two times in my life which I have made a lot of money which I still have was first from shares, which I then used to purchase my first house which has almost doubled in value in a period of about three years. Now I just need repeat the process, make money from the internet and re-invest it into property.

My plan for now is to get my finances arranged and to concentrate on getting my first investment property. If everything goes well I will just need to repeat the process ten-fold.