I am Australian, but a lot of my income now comes from the United States. Since I don’t live in Australia and most of my internet traffic comes from the U.S. I pay more attention to what is happening there. My income is always down during U.S. holiday periods. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, my earnings are pretty flat.

Whoever is in power in Australia matters little to me and either political party seems to have people with strong leadership skills. I also watch quite a bit of CNN and BBC news as they are widely available when I travel.

Tomorrow morning we should know the result of the U.S. presidential election. I am hoping for an Obama victory. I think America needs some serious change right now and I think he can bring it. McCain seems to be ok, but my worry is that if he wins, it won’t be much different from having Bush in power. Sarah Palin seems to be a political joke.

I want to see an end to the Iraq war. I think it is partly to blame for the economic crisis. American banks need to be reeled in and tighter lending laws put in place. More money needs to be spent on education and the environment and I hope we can see some big cuts in military spending.

My second hope is that if Obama can win, he can actually bring about the change he has talking about and we can see some action.