I am an Australian, currently traveling around South East Asia. I worked for a number of years in a regular salaried job which motivated me to run my own business.

I have lived in Japan for around 10 years and have worked in various jobs, including a golf caddy, in a ski-rental shop an English teacher, and in IT, which was my original major at university (computer science).

I am also interested in China, where I spent one year studying Chinese (Mandarin) and International Trade. Unfortunately I have not had much opportunity to use it and have forgotten a great deal of what I studied.

My passion is traveling and I have been to several other countries outside of Japan and Australia, mostly in Asia. Creating internet sites about traveling has been a great way to fund my trips. Travel related sites are pretty good income earners as more and more people are researching and booking their trips on the internet.

I got into creating websites towards the end of 2004. I try to have no regrets in my life, but I sometimes wonder why I didn’t get into earlier. I think it could be that I was pretty burned out from computers after completing my degree.

I am also interested in property. I find that there are some similarities between the real world of property and the virtual world of the internet. Before I got into property, I invested a bit in the stock market and made some nice profits during the late 90s boom. Mostly by luck, I got out of the stock market and into the property market at the perfect time.

During 2005, I started investing in New Zealand and it is going well for now. Late 2006 I quit my job and now currently working on my internet websites and property business full-time.

I am currently traveling around the world, initially in Asia where it is comparatively cheap to live and travel, pondering my next move.