I love making money online. I love trying and researching new methods of making money. Once you start to make enough money to have a comfortable life, it is very easy to become complacent with it all and get a little lazy. Taking some time off to do the things you enjoy, like travel for me, is important though, otherwise what’s the point of making money if you don’t take the time occasionally to sit back and enjoy it!

While I have been taking some time off (and neglecting this blog) at least one of my online friends has jumped from making almost nothing to over $2000 a month. I think these kinds of stories are very inspiring and you can learn a lot by looking at how someone went from almost nothing to $2000 a month.

It seems like Liz has been working hard on making niche sites in profitable areas with high search volume. She has also been successful on Hubpages, something I worked on for a while, but have since neglected. She has also been using Ezinearticles to get backlinks for her hubs. I had an account on Ezine and have previously written just 2 articles. This week I wrote another one, but it’s definitely something I think I will keep working in the future.

Hubpages is great for testing new niches. It gives some nice statistics on your traffic and you can include any links to your sites or affiliate links.

Liz’s latest blog post contained a link to this interesting article: Be a better blogger? WTF? responding to Problogger’s article Forget the fatal flaws of blogging.

I love Problogger, but I also have to admit that even though I subscribe to the blog in my reader, I rarely read the article beyond the headline. I think the top A list bloggers really are victims of their own success. While you might get some great tips for making a very “nice” blog reading Problogger, you will get few ideas for making serious cash.

Problogger has been featured on television and been mentioned in a number of high profile magazines and newspapers. Darren Rowse through the blog has built an excellent reputation, so there is no way he is going to tarnish this by promoting a cutting edge method or technique for getting traffic or making money online, that might be a little “creative”.

So if you want to learn some interesting ways to make money online, you might want to check out some of these blogs.

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