I love travelling, but it is amazing how comfortable it is settling into the one place for a while. That is kind of how I feel now. I have been in Koh Chang for around two weeks now. I have found a place with pretty fast and reliable free wi-fi (and air conditioning), so I have been able to get a bit of work done on my websites. I just wrote a review which I get $30 bucks for – which is around 4 nights accommodation where I am currently staying at.

It is a good place to come to during the middle part of the day when it is hottest. Most Thais are smart and avoid the sun around this time, or even have a little kip. I think that Thai people are masters of polyphasic sleep without even knowing it. I must admit having an afternoon nap, makes you so refreshed. By around 4 p.m. it is much cooler and the perfect time to go for a swim and a walk before taking up a spot on the sand to watch the sunset.