I think it is interesting to look back and try to find the moment when you discovered something like a new way of making money. You discover something you had never heard about before or haven’t given it any thought. It could be from reading a magazine or newspaper article or reading something on an internet forum.

I can remember the time I was reading a post on a Japan forum, by a guy who was boasting how he had just made $3000 selling a Japanese antique on ebay. Just that one post turned on a light for me and I got into buying and selling Japanese antiques. I had never given it a thought up until that day.

I remember just after I had started this blog, I did a search on “make money blog” and I found Probogger.net

I have lots of different ideas every day for new businesses and the last few days I have been thinking a lot about this one idea. I have had the idea for quite a while, but I came up with something related, while I was reading the 4 Hour Work Week. If I go through with the idea, I could say that was the A-Ha moment. The more I think about it, the more I can see the potential.

I have registered a couple of domains that I could use and have started doing more research.

I enjoy travelling, but it would be nice to settle down in one place for a while.