tipsdecoratinghomeHome decoration can be costly and time-consuming. When wandering in furniture stores, you may find yourself struggling to afford your expensive décor taste. However, no matter whether you are decorating a new home or renovating an old one, there are some ways you can cut expenses without compromising the style.

Sounds too good to be true? Don’t worry! Here are five top tips to help save money when decorating your home.

Determine your budget and prioritize your wants

Furniture shopping can go overboard sometimes – after all, designs from places like Nick Scali are just too beautiful to pass up! However, unless money is not one of your concerns, you should always have a budget and set boundaries in spending. Once you have a budget, buy the major items for your home to set the theme and then shop around in thrift shops and department store clearance areas for accessories. When deciding which room to decorate first, think about which one needs the most focus. There’s no point decorating the guest room first if nobody is staying for a while!

Buy second-hand furniture

Don’t let your eyes glaze over and skip this tip! Old furniture doesn’t have to be smelly and half-broken. Before you purchase from those designer furniture brands, take a look at the garage sales in your city or on eBay. You may find an antique dining table or bookcase, or even an almost-new coffee table.

In addition, don’t be deterred by the peeling paint or dated oak. You can always repaint them yourself and replace the handles, knobs or any other small parts you don’t like. The only thing you need to make sure is that the furniture functions well and does not have any odors or water damage.

Redesign your layout

Sometimes, you don’t need new furniture at all. You can make your living room look dramatically different simply by moving around the existing furniture. Look for a new focal point in the room, which can be the fireplace or television, and move your furniture around it. Consider bringing pieces from one room to another to create more space and make the room look more interesting.

Don’t blindly follow the trend

Investing on a piece of trendy furniture can cost you a large sum of money, and you probably will lose interest in it after a few years once the trend is gone. Instead of wasting money like this, find your own style! There are also easy ways to change the style of your home without spending too much, such as changing tablecloths, curtain or pillow cases. Even new cushions and area rugs can give your old room a new feel. Try a new color palette, mixing patterns and solids. You will end up having a brand new space.


It used to be that do-it-yourself projects were designed only for craftsman or artists. Now, with YouTube and various online tutorials at your fingertips, you can easily develop the skills to improve your home. Enjoy the fun of being creative while saving money at the same time. You can also make use of the family artwork. No matter if it’s your kid’s drawings, artifacts brought back from a trip or a piece of pottery you made long time ago, they can surely add some “homely” atmosphere to the new space and make for a priceless display. However, when it comes to those technical jobs, it is a good idea to seek professional help. For instance, instead of spending a whole week laying the roof tiles yourself, you might want to look to a professional.

Author bio: Yuan Liu has been busy decorating her new apartment. Home decoration can be daunting, but once it is done, it is worth all the effort.