We have just four months left to end this year out and with this comes planning, preparation and an inventory of sorts. It’s time to take stock and see what has been accomplished and what still needs to get done. One of the things many look to do at this time is figure out how they are going to live out the rest of the year financially. Some will look at their savings account and see how much they need to add to reach an annual goal, others will look into renewing their various life insurance policies such as universal life insurance and others will simply be in catch up mode with their 401K accounts.

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Whichever end of the spectrum you find yourself in, below are a few tips aimed at those who wish to end the 2012 year on a frugal note.

1. Stock Up For Next Year –

Stocking up for next year is an old and classic method used by only the most savviest of savers and frugalistas. Essentially it works by shopping for next year’s items now. For example, if you know that Uncle Bert likes red cashmere sweaters, then look for hot deals during the Summer when no one is looking or buying sweaters of any sort as the best deals on many items can be had during the off season. Same goes for home accessories, toys, electronics, travel and more.

2. Shop Online for Holiday Deals –

It’s no secret that nowadays the better deals are found online. Everything from laptops to clothing and shoes to kitchen appliances can be had online for much less than at a local private store. It has to do with scale. Basically the online shops buy in bulk and can resell at a lower rate than what the mom and pop shops can buy and resell for. Not only that but many web retailers know that usually the deciding factor on whether to buy an item online or not is the shipping cost, many now throw in free shipping as well. With free shipping thrown in, the deals usually can’t be beat.

3. Re Use Holiday Decorations and Party Ware –

It’s silly to re buy Holiday decor year in and year out when you simply can reuse last year’s items just the same. The key is to protect them and keep them in good shape, this way they will not only last longer but look good the following year. Many consumers now store the annual Christmas tree in a safe place in the garage along with the various tree decorations, window dressing, party ware and more. Every year that you do this, you potentially save a bundle.

4. Re Gift –

Similar to idea number three above, regifting has to do with the re using concept. If you and your family tend to have big blowouts each year for Christmas, and receive many gifts then most likely quite a few of them are duplicates and can easily be re-gifted. Many of these gifts will find new homes and happy campers who will be delighted with your most thoughtful sentiment.

There’s still plenty of time left to get your finances in gear and personal responsibilities in order. Start today by trying one or all four of our frugal tips above.