The thirty day challenge for 2009 started today. It is an entirely free course helping people to make money online. Last year I was too buy working on a site for the Beijing Olympics, but this year I want to complete the whole challenge. It will go through to the end of August.

I really like what they teach and if you look at many other programs, they basically revolve around similar themes: find a niche, build a website, get traffic and monetize the site. The methods might be presented in different formats, but that is the basic formula for making money on the internet.

The 30 day challenge gets thousands of people join every year, but many people lose interest towards the end. Before you invest in any other internet marketing programs, you should at least try the 30DC.

If you are an existing business owner or you might already be making money on the internet, you will still get a lot out of doing the challenge. The material is also presented in an easy to understand manner and doesn’t presume any special technical or business knowledge.

Let me know in the comments if you are also planning on taking the 2009 30 day challenge.