More young people are getting rich than ever before. Much of it is due to the Internet and the incredible connectivity contemporary entrepreneurs have. If you’ve got a great idea, an ambitious attitude, a strong work ethic, and unending bandwidth, there’s no limit to the money you can make online at a young age. So get your ducks in a row, rake in the dough, and plan for retirement:

1. Hook up with affiliate marketers.

Affiliate marketing is one the most sure ways that someone can earn consistent money online, especially if you’re an aggressive marketing blogger with a good network of merchants and affiliates who want you to push their links. You can often make incremental money off each link you host that directs traffic to a merchant’s product or service and there’s virtually no limit on the number you can do.

2. Create a blog with a good traffic and sell ad space.

A valuable blog, which is determined by Alexa ratings and other rubrics by which Internet agencies ascribe value to your site, can bring tons of cash. Especially if you website is well optimized with SEO practices and you can create a wellspring of traffic. A blog with heavy traffic can essentially go to web advertisers and say ‘show me the money.’ Since the Internet is the new television, many companies and marketing agencies are quick to display banner ads, popup ads, and search bar ads on valuable niche blogs.

3. E-commerce.

More people are selling things online than ever. If you can find a niche market and advertise well, you can essentially create your own company, use your garage as a warehouse and ship products anywhere in the world while collecting money on the Internet. Obviously, you need to sell a good product or service. But if you’ve got that covered, a solidly designed online cart or store can take care of the analytics for you while you rake in the money.

These aren’t the only ways to make money online. But they are certainly a few of the most common. They also require very little startup capital. In fact, creating a valuable blog is virtually free with modern CMS programs like WordPress. Perhaps your best option is to fashion a business plan using all three of these options, maximizing your chance of getting rich online by the age of 40.