I want to start with the bullet – becoming a trader with Forex does not mean a passenger ticket for “Titanic.” You don’t have to drown, and you CAN make enough money for living by trading. If you are an unbeliever, you better open another page in a browser. This article is the message for the dreamers… Of course, we are not dreaming at such a big-scale the way Ozzy Osbourne does with his magnificent “Dreamer” song, but we dream to become a profitable trader. Encouraging, isn’t it?

No secret that all success starts with a thought and a dream. So it was concerned with Wright brothers (build first plane) or Karl Benz (a first automobile inventor). They followed their dream taking all the risks necessary, being laughed at, and misunderstood by friends and beloved. Why? Probably, because other people failed to live their dream and didn’t overcome the obstacles in the way. Every dream has wings, and it’s you who must have enough courage to fly it!

It may be too pathetic, but vital to understand. Along my own way with Forex, I am still meeting too many traders who fell. Those, who once had a dream, became angry and lost heart. STOP! You mustn’t deny the reality – it’s possible to make it in trading! That is why I wrote this article and put three vital tips in it, which are destined to make your Forex journey successful.

Ride the wings of your dream!

Like attaining a black belt in karate, trading is not easy and sometimes painful along the way. Except you won’t have bruises with Forex. However, like in karate, with trading you must get as much as possible from your pain. Let it teach you and learn from it. Have you seen “Die Hard”? All the planet must have seen it. My message from Bruce’s rather bloody massacre is concrete – keep going even if you are pushed back by fear. Pronouncing your dream as abracadabra and writing it down on paper will not help you to achieve it.

Write a plan and stick to it!

If you are passionate about step one and ready for beneficial trading, that passion will definitely lead you to having a plan or a considerable strategy. Most traders I talk to don’t even do the first step. If I accidentally meant you, then don’t even finish reading the article and start writing a trading plan! Until you are done and some trading pal of yours checked it out, don’t take any trades. Next tip comes with consistency – got the plan so stick to it. It’s not just a crib which students write to pass an exam. Your plan shows which areas of your strategy need to be working on. If you don’t know the problem, you faced, how will you learn? Brutal, but true. Your plan distinguishes what is wrong and needs to be fixed.

Never back down!

As you once set off for a FX trading journey, you may feel like giving up even before you reach “the banks of gold.” I felt so indeed…, but people are different. Just learning the strategies and techniques is far from being a student of trading and learning. These things really take time to master. Personally, I studied through “battles” – hard it was because I didn’t follow my plan and neglected the principles I knew were true. That does not mean that you will do the same mistake.

Now, I hope you are inspired enough to pull yourself out for a thoughtful action. Trading is not a quick way to riches, as all worthy things in life demand more time and efforts.

“The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore,” – one of the famous Dale Carnegie’s quotes says.

Why not believe a guy whose books are being sold in million copies and teach the whole world on how to live.

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