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5 retirement planning mistakes that you should avoid

24 August 2010


Planning for retirement is an extremely crucial task that each citizen needs to focus on while still employed. Around 40% US citizens retire before they turn sixty. If you are planning to retire at such an age, its now time to choose a proper retirement plan according to your needs. A retirement plan is aimed […]

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Infobarrel one year on – review

23 August 2010

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I wrote my first article for Infobarrel on August 16 2009 and since one year has passed, I thought it would be interesting to look back over how it has worked out for me. Infobarrel itself just had its second birthday, so at least in internet terms I am a fairly long term member. I […]

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Interview with Matt Cutts on WordPress

5 August 2010


Yesterday I listened to this podcast interview with Matt Cutts which was mostly on blogging on the WordPress platform. I would say the interview is worth listening to for any internet marketer even if you don’t use WordPress. The interview is more of a general nature on blogging and SEO and is not so technical. […]

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Coupon and groupon script comparison

4 August 2010


After hearing about how successful group coupons sites like Groupon has become in the U.S., I thought it would be interesting to try and create my own site. Since Groupon focuses on the US and Europe, there are plenty of opportunities to set up your own site in an area that Groupon doesn’t operate in, […]

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